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How To Easily Change Name in League of Legends

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As with any online game, League of Legends lets players create a unique in-game identity with a summoner name. However, sometimes players may want to change their League of Legends name for various reasons. Fortunately, Riot Games allows summoners to change their names in the game.

In this article, you are going to learn how to change your name in LoL. The steps are actually quite easy - all you have to do is follow them properly.

Is It Possible To Change Your Name in LoL?

Yes, you can change your name in League of Legends. Riot Games provides the option to modify your summoner name through the League of Legends client. This allows you to create a new identity in the game if you are unsatisfied with your current one. Now that you know the possibility of changing your name in League of Legends, let's just jump into the steps of how to do that.

How To Change My Name in League of Legends?

Now it is time that we clarify the steps to change your League of Legends name, follow the steps below and you'll be able to change your LoL name:

1. Launch the League of Legends client and log into your account.

2. Open the store.

League of Legends Client

3. Click on the "Account" icon located on the top right of the client.

League of Legends Client Account

4. Click on the "Summoner Name Change" box.

League of Legends Summoner Name Change

5. Type in your new desired League of Legends summoner name.

League of Legends Name Change

6. Click the "Check Name" button to check if it's available, if yes then you'll be able to buy it!

As soon as you relog into the League of Legends client after purchasing and confirming the summoner name change in the store, your new name should be updated.

How Much Does Name Change Cost in League of Legends?

Changing your League of Legends name costs either 1300 Riot Points (RP) or 13,900 Blue Essence (BE).

RP is the premium virtual currency in the game that you can purchase with real money. 1300 RP translates to approximately $10, though the amount may vary slightly depending on your region.

BE is the non-premium currency earned through playing matches, leveling up, disenchanting champion shards, and other in-game activities. 13,900 BE is a fairly considerable amount required to change your name. So in summary, you can either pay $10 worth of RP or 13,900 BE to change your name in League of Legends.

Why Do Players Change Their Name in LoL?

Why do players make the effort to switch up their chosen summoner name? There are a variety of reasons that players decide to refresh their in-game identities with name changes:

Nickname Doesn't Match Anymore

Many players choose funny, goofy, or pop culture-inspired names when first starting out in League. However, as they continue to improve at the game over months and years, reaching Silver, Gold, or beyond, they often desire a summoner name that indicates more skill. After all, names like "TeemoTroll" or "MidgetMan93" don't quite strike fear into opponents anymore for seasoned veterans. Players at higher elo usually want names that sound slick, fierce, or creative instead.

Tired of Old Name

With League being around for over 10 years now, some veteran players have used the exact same name since signing up back in Season 1 or 2. After accumulating thousands of hours of playtime under one ID, it's not surprising that players start to find their old handles boring and stale. They may have grown up or just want a fresh start, prompting them to take advantage of Riot's name change service to rebrand themselves.

Team/Sponsor Requirements

For players competing at the highest levels of ranked League or in tournaments, name changes are often mandatory to incorporate their team's tag or represent sponsors. Challenger squads require matching tags like "TSM" or "C9" to brand themselves accordingly. Sponsored influencers and streamers may also get a rename to shoutout companies supporting them.

Sold the Account

Accounts that have rare skins, are ranked highly, or have otherwise desirable qualities can be sold for real money. When this occurs, the new owner almost always changes the summoner name immediately both to establish ownership and prevent the previous owner from recovering the account.

Banned/Inappropriate Name

If Riot's filters detect inappropriate or offensive language in a player's name, they may be forced into a mandatory name change to continue accessing their account. Additionally, reported names that are confirmed to violate terms of use through manual reviews will also be changed by Riot to prevent further issues.

Fresh Start

For players attempting to reform their in-game attitude and behavior or stop tilting/raging, a name change can symbolize turning over a new leaf. Shedding their old identity and picking a new name can mentally represent a clean slate - an opportunity to reboot themselves in Ranked with a renewed focus.


And that wraps up the steps for changing your League of Legends summoner name. Feel free to take the chance to pick something fresh the next time you log in to League and load it onto Summoner's Rift for a match. And who knows - maybe that perfect name is just waiting for you to grab it during your next identity update!

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