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Please make sure to read and complete every step listed exactly as shown. 

Any missed steps can cause our LoL Script to not work correctly.


Left Shift : Open Menu

Space : Champion Combos
C : Poke Harrass Enemy / Minion Last Hit

V : Lane Clear

X : Minion Last Hit

K : Evade Toggle ON/OFF

All Keybinds Can Be Changed To Different Keys!


 1:  Download and install AIO Runtimes & DirectX.

  • If you already have both the latest versions of each download, proceed to the next steps.

 2:  Disable Windows Defender.

  1. Firstly Disable Windows Defender Manually inside Virus and Threat Protection In Windows Security.

  2. Then download DefenderControl to make sure it stays disabled (video help) - Access Password: sordum

  • If you are having issues downloading DefenderControl it is because your Windows Defender is still active.

  • Make sure you have no other Anti Virus active like Mcafee, AVG & Avast etc.

 3:  Disable UAC.

  1. Windows search for "UAC" or "Change Account Control Settings".

  2. Set to "Never notify" and click OK.

UAC - Copy.png

 5:  Disable Core Isolation.

  1. Windows search for "Core Isolation".

  2. Turn off Memory Integrity.

  • If you are not able to access the page, make sure Virtualization is enabled in your PC BIOS settings.

Core Isolation.png
Core Isolation Memory Integrity.png

 6a:  Registry Editor Option 1.

  1. Windows search for "Registry Editor or Regedit".

  2. Navigate to: 

  3. Double click on VulnerableDriverBlocklistEnable and set value to 0.

  4. Click OK to save changes.

  • If you do not have VulnerableDriverBlocklistEnable listed there, follow Option 2 below to create one.

Registry Editor.png

 6b:  Registry Editor Option 2. (ONLY IF "VulnerableDriverBlocklistEnable" ISNT LISTED)

  1. Right click and select  New  DWORD (32-bit) Value 

Screenshot (53).png

   2. Right click and select  Rename  to VulnerableDriverBlocklistEnable

Screenshot (55).png

   3. Double Click your new VulnerableDriverBlockListEnable to modify it.

   4. Set the  Value Data to 0  and  Base to Hexadecimal .

   5. Click OK to confirm changes.

Screenshot (57).png

 7:  Video Settings - Borderless 

  1. Open League of Legends and go into a practice tool game.

  2. Open Settings >  Video  >  Windowed Mode  Borderless 


Borderless Settings.png

 7:  Download Cado LoL Script.

  1. Download our latest LoL Script version from our Discord Server.


  2. Extract the downloaded folder to your C: Drive.


 7:  Run Cado LoL Script.

  1. Open Run the Login.exe first and enter your purchased license key login/password.


  2. Now go into a practice tool/game and wait until you are fully loaded into game at fountain.

  3. Run RunMeInGame.exe only after you load into the game, not during loading screen.

  • If you run this before loading into a game it will not work correctly. Only load this once fully in game.

  • Successful login will show your remaining license key time.

  • Login.exe only needs to be run once unless you are changing login information.

Loader Folder.png
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