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Setup Guide

  1. Install AIO Runtimes & DirectX.

  2. Disable Windows Defender with DefenderControl. Including any other Anti Virus you have installed.

  3. Enable Prefer DX9 Legacy Mode in LoL Client Game Settings

  4. Disable Discord Overlay in Discord User Settings.


  1. Download our latest LoL Script version from our Discord server.

  2. Extract the downloaded onto your Disk C:

  3. Run our CADO.exe and enter your purchased key into the loader.
    - If you have "KEY ERROR", you are not entering the key correctly, don't mistake it for your Invoice ID.
    - If the CADO.exe starts updating, let it finish updating and run the new file created.


  4. Successful injection will show your license key timer, remember to reopen the script before each game.

  5. Still need some help? Reach out to us on Discord.

Left Shift : Open Menu

Space : Combo

V : Lane Clear

C : Harass Enemy / Poke

X : Last Hit

K : Evade Toggle ON/OFF

All Keybinds Can Be Changed To Different Keys!

  • LoL Overlays such as Blitz, U.GG, Mobalytics & can cause frequent crashes. Please uninstall them!

  • Make sure you open our LoL Script after each game finishes.

  • Windows 10 & 11 Compatible!


The following guide shows all fixes to anything problems you may encounter. Please make sure to look for your exact issue here, if you still require assistance please open a discord support ticket.

Key Error

If you are getting "Key Error" after entering your Cado License Key, please check the following:

  • Check that you are entering the license key under "Product Issued" on the invoice, and not the Invoice ID number!

  • Copy and paste the license key and make sure there are no extra spaces at the end of the key!

Check Your Config

If you are getting "CHECK YOUR CONFIG" after entering your Cado License Key, please check the following:

  • Disable Windows Defender correctly using DefenderControl. If you have other Anti-Virus softwares, disable them as well. After that redownload the script.

  • Make sure you have extracted the entire CADO SCRIPT folder to your computers C: Drive.

Loading Screen Reconnect Crash

If you are getting reconnect screen crashes after loading into game do the following:

Black Screen Flashing

Discord Overlay must be turned off. This will cause flickering whilst in the game. Watch the video below on how to do that.

Turn Off Discord Overlay Tutorial

Script Not Showing In Game

Enable DX9 Legacy in your LoL client settings. If DX9 Legacy is disabled the script will not load correctly.

League of Legends Client > Settings > Game > Enable DX9 Legacy.

Enable DX9 Legacy Tutorial

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