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Automatically dodges incoming opponent attacks and spells without any manual inputs needed! You also have the ability to change the evade settings to your preferred playstyle in the Cado Script menu.


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The prediction function accurately tracks and detects the movement of other players, simplifying the execution of skills and skillshots. You don't have to worry about hitting your skillshots manually anymore


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Orbwalker allows you to attack move perfectly into enemy champions or whilst in the jungle. This feature specifically will make others think you are smurfing paired with Evade. Perform like the pros!


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Summoner Spell + Cool Down Tracker gives you the ultimate upper hand whilst telling you many seconds left until an ally or enemy champion have their Summoner Spells and Abilities back up.

Having this knowledge will always keep you one step ahead.



Performs calculated combos for all champions depending on your in game situation.

Our script comes with a default config for all champions with set combos and delays. So there is no need to spend hours getting the script to function on individual champions.

Zoom Hack allows you to zoom out of your champions normal perspective giving you greater advantage over others players with large viewing distances.

Track enemies without obstructing your view and always have the upper hand with vision.

Zoom Hack

Tired of playing with default skins? Well now you can use any skin you want with our script!

All champions have a large variety of skins to choose from, and you can change it during game if you want something else applied! Scripting in style has never been better.

Skin Changer

All champions are supported with Cado Script and have a default config. Our config system allows users to save their settings whenever they make changes.  

You can also purchase our Premium Config below with the best settings created. This also gets updated regularly!

Champ Configs

Target Selector gives you the option to choose which enemy champions you'd prefer to target. Great for team fights if you want to target enemy ADC first over others, or if you'd prefer to take out the fed jungler first. Combos and skills will be prioritised for those selected priority targets.

Target Selector

Activator allows you to activate the following when needed:

  • Auto Wards

  • Auto Items (QSS, Zhonyas, Galeforce, Goredrinker etc.)

  • Auto Summoner Heal

  • Auto Barrier

  • Auto Ignite

  • Auto Exhaust

  • + MORE

Spell Activator

Extra jungle options such as jungle objective/camp timers, along with enemy jungle clear notifications. 

Having this knowledge gives you a great upperhand in terms of knowing when to rotate and create jungle clear paths.

Jungle Options

Visual functions and drawings are displayed. You will be able to see:

  • Hidden Wards

  • Champion Attack Range

  • Champion Spell Ranges

  • Gank Tracker Lines

  • Jungle Timers (V2 VERSION)

  • Enemy Spell & CDR Tracker (V2 VERSION)

  • Enemy Movement Clicks

Drawings 4K

Premium Config

Premium Config includes the best settings for max attack speed and perfect kiting for ADC.

It reworks evade radius collision timers, collision distances, buffers, dodge interval timers and spell detection times.

Cado Premium Config-33-33-33-33.png
  • Evade Optimisation

  • Max Speed Kite

  • High Elo Config

  • Fast & Easy Install

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