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How To Easily Sell Your League of Legends Account?

In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about selling your League of Legends account. We'll cover what account selling is, whether it's allowed by Riot Games, reasons players may want to sell their accounts, and the top platforms to use to securely sell your League account.

By the end, you'll understand the ins and outs of account trading so you can decide if selling your LoL account is right for you, and if so, how to pick a safe marketplace and get the best value for your account. Account selling can be risky, but we'll walk through how to minimize dangers like scams and bans by following best practices. Let's dive in!

What is League of Legends Account Selling?

League of Legends account selling is the practice of selling your League of Legends account to another player. It involves exchanging ownership of the account, including the username, login credentials, champions, skins, and rankings, for money. Players sell their League accounts to get value out of rare skins, unlocked champions, high rankings, and other progress they've made in the game that required significant time and effort to obtain.

The account is then sold to a new owner, allowing them to take over the account instead of starting fresh themselves.

Is Selling LoL Accounts Allowed?

Selling League of Legends accounts directly violates Riot Games' Terms of Service and rules against account trading. According to Riot's support article on the matter, any account identified as being sold will inevitably end up banned or suspended as soon as they detect the transaction. The game publisher actively discourages players from purchasing accounts as well, since these accounts often get removed once caught by Riot's security systems.

While players may try to profit by trading accounts they have spent significant time developing, both sellers and buyers take a major risk any time an account changes hands. Riot punishes account selling to maintain the integrity of gameplay and rankings. Ultimately, players should avoid selling or buying accounts, no matter how valuable, if they want to avoid losing their progress and getting banned.

Reasons Why Players Sell Their LoL Accounts

You may ask yourself why people sell their accounts in the first place. There are a few main reasons players sell their League of Legends accounts:

No Time To Play

Many players have invested hundreds or even thousands of hours building up their League accounts over the years. Eventually, due to changes in their personal life like a new job, school, or family commitments, they no longer have the time required to play at the high level they achieved on their account. Rather than letting the account go to waste, they choose to sell it and allow a buyer to continue playing actively.

Cash Out The Value

For dedicated players who have been grinding League for years, a LoL account can become very valuable based on factors like skins, champions, and rank. Rare skins that were only available for limited times can be worth hundreds of dollars, especially "prestige" skins indicating status and accomplishment. Players who want to cash out their account for all the money they've invested can make thousands selling it rather than letting it sit idle.


Players that perform very well may reach high ranks like Diamond, Master, or Challenger. However, if they take a break from ranked play, their MMR (matchmaking rating) decays over time. Rather than putting in hundreds more games to re-achieve their peak rank, it becomes appealing to sell their account locked in at that high rank and preserved for a buyer.

To Start Fresh

After dedicating so much time and effort into a League of Legends account, ranking up hundreds of games, and unlocking various champions and skins, some players decide they want to start fresh with a new account. Creating a new account allows them to experience the leveling-up process again from the beginning and try out new champions and strategies. However, they don't necessarily want to lose everything they worked for on their main account that they are attached to.

By selling their lol account, they can start over with a new account and gameplay experience while still profiting from the hard work they put into their original account over the years. The money made from selling the old account can be used to unlock skins, champions, and other content to customize their new account.


For players who have spent years playing League of Legends, it can simply become boring after such a long period of time. Having explored the game fully and accomplished their goals, continuing to play just feels like a chore. By selling their account, these players can move on from League of Legends entirely and separate from something that no longer provides enjoyment.

Where To Sell My LoL Account?

The top three platforms to sell your League of Legends accounts are PlayerAuctions, G2G, and Fiverr.


PlayerAuctions is a popular marketplace where players list League of Legends accounts for sale. Sellers can auction off or set prices for their accounts. Buyers can browse LoL accounts within their budget and purchase accounts they feel will give them a headstart in the game.


G2G is another marketplace where players can list League of Legends accounts to sell to interested buyers. Accounts with significant unlocked content, high ranks, and considerable time invested attract buyers willing to pay real money. G2G facilitates the transactions between sellers and buyers of LoL accounts.


Fiverr has also emerged as a site where individuals advertise LoL accounts for sale. Sellers promote accounts touting rare skins, ranked progress, unlocked champions, and other valuable assets. For the right price, buyers can obtain established LoL accounts instead of starting from scratch.


And there you have it! Selling League of Legends accounts can make you good money if you do it right. Since the game is still so popular and rare skins and ranks are in demand, lots of people want to buy accounts from veterans and skip the hard work. But be careful - research the sites you use, get a middleman, and avoid scams. Thanks for reading, and good luck on the Rift!

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