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LoL Meta: League of Legends Meta Explained

League of Legends Champions

League of Legends offers intense 5v5 matches that require strategy, teamwork, and knowledge of the current meta to succeed. But what exactly does "meta" mean in League of Legends? In this article, you will learn all about the LoL meta - what it is, why it's important, how and why it changes, the current meta champions, and more.

What is League of Legends Meta?

The "meta" in League of Legends refers to the game's current strategic trends or standards. It encompasses the items, champions, roles, positions, and gameplay styles that are popular and effective at any given time. Once a particular strategy is proven to work well, it permeates throughout most skill levels and regions, becoming the de facto way to play the game until the next shift in strategy.

So in essence, the League of Legends meta is the evolving optimal way of playing the game competitively. It sets expectations for how champions should be categorized into roles and lanes, how early/mid/late game phases should play out broadly, and how resources on Summoner’s Rift should be leveraged based on power spikes.

The meta constantly develops as players discover and adapt to new innovations and Riot Games applies balance changes in patches. Those who want to win ranked games and outsmart opponents must keep up with each meta progression.

Why is Meta Important in League of Legends?

Understanding and adapting to the current meta is key for several reasons:

Success Rate – Complying with the meta vastly increases your chances to win. By using meta picks and proven meta strategies, you gain an advantage from champ select onward. You’ll synergize better with your team, counter enemies more effectively, and better convert leads through objective control.

Team Cohesion – Sticking to meta standards, item builds, ability order, etc. ensures your teammates know exactly what to expect from you each game.

Counterplay – Knowledge of the meta lets you predict your opponents’ actions/picks and counter appropriately during selection and in-game. You can ban out meta powerhouses that would give your composition issues or select champions that exploit flaws in meta picks. This strategic drafting separates organized teams from solo queue.

Game Knowledge – Learning the nuances of meta picks, spikes, and win conditions expands your general League knowledge and ability to adjust tactics on the fly to each game state. Even when metas change, this learned insight sticks with you.

Why Does LoL Meta Change?

So how exactly does the meta transform over time in League of Legends? There are a few key factors:

Patch Changes – When Riot Games drops incremental patches every 2 weeks, they tweak champion stats/damage/abilities, items, objectives like Elemental Drakes, and more. These tuning adjustments inevitably cause shifts in win rate for champions in certain positions, prompting adaptation.

Innovation – High-elo and pro League players are constantly experimenting with creative strategies that “break” the meta by outperforming it or exploiting unseen flaws. If these gambits gain traction in scrims and stage games, they get replicated rapidly thanks to transparency from match streams.

New Releases – With ~5 new champions arriving yearly plus champions reworks, and fresh kits. You can definitely expect the meta to change.

To keep up with the League of Legends meta, simply follow the next tips!

Stay on Top of Patch Notes

The key to adapting quickly to meta shifts is reading League of Legends patch notes diligently every 2 weeks. This allows you to analyze exactly which champion abilities, items, and objectives that Riot Games buffed or nerfed and what that indicates for priority picks. Track win rates of updated champions in your games to measure impact. Subscribe to update emails from Riot to never miss changes.

Watch Pro Player Streams

High Elo and pro player live streams provide early peeks of new pocket picks gaining priority in scrims and how to pilot them in meta team comps. For example, jungle mains may spam test a sleeper OP tank you can then abuse in solo queue before it goes mainstream.

Follow Meta Breakdown Videos

Several LoL YouTubers like ProGuides Challenger explain developing trends with each patch rundown, best bans, tier lists, and counter picks so you quickly interpret implications. These digestible video guides analyze the angles casual players may overlook when reading dry notes.

Play and Discuss the Game

No better way to experience new meta tactics firsthand than to play ranked games yourself with an open, adaptive mindset. Testing site U.GG’s highest win rate builds will prove or disprove their viability. Discussing observations with friends fosters a deeper understanding than playing passively. Cohesive premade teams learn faster together.

Watch Recent Pro Matches

Finally, actively viewing recent professional League of Legends pro matches broadcasts the cutting-edge evolution of the meta from the world’s best. With live spectating, focus on how winning LCS, LEC, or LCK teams draft innovatively, rotate early, optimize runes/items for champions in new positions, and demolish with combo executions you can replicate. Put lessons into practice before each new patch.


The top teams never stop learning and adjusting their playstyle to the current patch. Now you can confidently do the same by following our blueprint for staying ahead of the meta curve. The next flavor of the month craze awaits – GLHF summoners!

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