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Top 10 League of Legends Apps You Must Know

As you probably know, millions all over the world play League of Legends, as well as there is a huge community of gamers who are passionate about improving their skills and climbing the ranked ladders. While the core LoL game provides tons of information, third-party companion apps can give players an extra edge.

In this article, you'll learn about the top 10 League of Legends companion apps that provide valuable insights and tools to step up your game. From detailed performance analytics to real-time in-game guidance, these apps aim to make you a better League player.

What Are The Best LoL Apps Out There?

Let's dive into the top companion LoL Apps that every ambitious LoL player should check out:

10. OP.GG

OP.GG is an automated game data analytics solution for League of Legends. It’s a standalone app that provides you with the necessary information you need. The app offers real-time auto rune settings, OP champions, team comps, and more. It also automatically sets the runes and items for you.

The app provides insights on champion tiers and stats, mythic item builds, rune builds, early lane tips, and even analysis for Howling Abyss aka ARAM. It also allows you to check your season’s most-played champions and recommends champions that have good synergy with your season’s most-played champions.

Not only that but it provides overlays for recommended skills to level up at each level, CS, Gold comparison overlay, TFT overlay, and more. It’s like having a personal gaming coach, providing you with insights and recommendations to lead you to victory.

9. LeagueTracker

LeagueTracker delivers in-depth analytics on performance over seasons to spot trends. It provides role-specific metrics like kill participation for junglers or creep score for laners. With match history timelines, per champion and per map analytics, win rate tracking, ability combo data, and more - you get insights to win more games.

8. U.GG

U.GG excels at providing every stat a tryhard LoL player needs to improve their rank and domination of matches. It has constantly updated tier lists and win rates for perfect champion counter picking. Make optimized builds with the highest win rate items. Evaluate meta shifts and perfect runes with U.GG's huge databank of aggregated player stats and match analysis.

7. Blitz delivers advanced performance analytics, from income and gold breakdowns to vision, objective, and combat statistics. It tracks your progress long-term, with role-specific advice. See how you compare to the average at your rank and where you need work. Blitz lets you review each game to critically reflect on macro and micro decision improvements needed.

6. LolWiz

LoLWiz automatically launches with LoL to provide live, in-game statistical insights without distractions. It shows optimal items to rush, ability leveling order per matchup, summoner win rates, past head-to-head performance, and more. LolWiz keeps you focused on your game by eliminating the need to tab out for info.

5. Facecheck

Facecheck reveals valuable pick/ban strategy info by letting you review your own and enemies' profiles on the loading screen. See match history, comfort picks, rankings, recent performance stats, and trends without manually looking up profiles. Make more informed draft decisions.

4. Zar

Zar allows you to import fully customizable in-game overlays drafted by top players and LoL content creators. Get real-time guidance on optimal ability usage, itemization, objective focus, and map movements from the experts you trust.

3. SenpAI

SenpAI acts as your personal gaming coach, using analytics on your match history and gameplay to provide tailored improvement insights. Get pre and post-game analysis from SenpAI to maximize the win rate. It identifies strengths to refine and weaknesses to shore up, providing focused training.

2. Mobalytics

Mobalytics aims to be an all-in-one competitive assistant. It provides pre and post-match analysis, smart item build recommendations, adjustment tips, performance trends breakdowns, jungle tracking, vision wards stats, and more. Mobalytics enhances skills, knowledge, and the overall experience.

1. Porofessor

Porofessor equips you with data for champion select advantages, like draft recommendations and counter picks. With seamless client integration, quickly load optimized runes, spells, and item builds without hassle. Porofessor turns loading screen into prime strategic planning time to win.

Can You Get Banned From Using League of Legends Apps?

Riot's stance is that most third-party apps are allowed as long as they do not provide unfair gameplay advantages or enable cheating/hacking. Apps that simply provide information to help you make better strategic decisions are generally considered safe and allowed.


These are 10 of the best apps that can give LoL players a competitive edge by enhancing knowledge, strategy, and decision-making. Take your game to the next level by complementing LoL's core experience with the right companion apps for your needs.

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