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How Much Time Have I Wasted on LoL?

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games out there. Many people get hooked on it and play for hours and hours. After spending so much time playing, it's normal to wonder "How much time have I wasted on LoL?"

In this article, we'll look at some ways you can track and calculate your total time played in League of Legends. This can help you see just how devoted you are to the game. Knowing your total time investment may even motivate you to cut back if you feel it's becoming too much. Or it can be satisfying to see how big of a LoL fanatic you really are!

Either way, read on to learn techniques for tracking your gameplay time across different platforms and figuring out your wasted time on lol.

How to Check Wasted Time on LoL?

There are two ways to check your time spent in League of Legends. Let’s start with the first and easy method. website
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#1 Method

The easiest way to check your total time spent in League of Legends is to use the website Simply head to the website, enter your League of Legends summoner name, and select your region. Then below click on the button that says "How Much Time I Wasted on LoL." This will automatically pull up stats showing your overall playtime in your account.

#2 Method

The second method is a little bit tricky and will require some effort. First, open up the League of Legends client as usual. In the top navigation bar, click on the icon that will take you to your profile page.

On your profile screen, you'll see a smaller navigation bar below. Click on the "Stats" tab, which is the icon all the way on the right side.

This will bring up your Season Stats page. You'll now see the total hours you've played in the current season displayed. Unfortunately, the client only shows the current season by default.

But right below the time played, there is a dropdown menu you can use to switch between previous seasons. This allows you to scroll through and view your accumulated hours in each ranked season you've participated in.

So by toggling between the seasons using that menu, you can get a rough estimate of your total playtime in League of Legends. It takes a bit more effort than third-party sites, but does allow checking time directly through the game client.

Who Has The Most Time Spent on LoL?

player on
M23 Medo on

According to tracking data on, the player with the most time spent in League of Legends is MZ3 Medo. This dedicated player has accumulated an astounding 561,873 minutes of game time, which equates to over 9,365 hours, 390 days, or roughly 1 year and 25 days! All of that time was accrued just within season 11 alone.

The Most Played Gamemode in League of Legends

Ranked mode is by far the most popular way to play League of Legends and where most players spend their time. The reason ranked is so appealing is because it provides a competitive environment where you can test your skills and see how you stack up against other players.

You have a rank that goes up or down based on your wins and losses, so you always have a goal to strive for - climbing to the next tier or division. There's also the feeling that the matches matter more since they impact your ranking.

Ranked also matches you with and against players of similar skill levels, so the games feel closer and harder fought. The drive to gain LP, climb the ladder, and prove yourself against equally matched opponents makes ranked mode endlessly engaging for many players. It provides a sense of progression and achievement as you improve at the game and watch your rank slowly increase over time. For these reasons, ranked mode ends up monopolizing most hardcore LoL players' game time.


Is It Possible To Track Time Spent in LoL?

Yes, there are several methods players can use to track their time spent playing League of Legends. The most straightforward option is to use third-party tracking websites like

How Accurate Are These Time Tracking Methods?

Third-party sites provide estimates based on match data, so they may not account for every minute in the client. In-game stats show real time spent in matches but miss queue and lobby time. So no method is 100% precise.

What Are Some Ways to Cut Back Play Time?

If you feel you're spending too much time in LoL, set a limit per day or week. Focus on a small champion pool to improve faster in less time. Take breaks between matches. Find other hobbies to diversify your interests.

Is It Bad to Spend So Much Time Gaming?

Moderation is key for any hobby. Make sure gaming doesn't interfere with responsibilities. As long as it's not causing problems, enjoy it and don't feel guilty about time spent playing LoL. Focus on keeping it a positive experience.


With that being said, you should now be able to keep track of your time spent in League of Legends. As we have mentioned two methods, feel free to use the method that suits you best. Don’t forget to have fun while spending your time on the beautiful League of Legends!

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