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LoL Down: How To Check If League Servers Are Down

Like any online game, LoL also faces occasional server outages and lag issues. When you are unable to log in or connect to matches, how do you know if the problems are with your internet connection or Riot Games' servers?

Players often ask the question "Is LoL Down?" - This article covers the top ways to check LoL server status and detect if issues are originating from Riot's side. By utilizing these methods, you can identify server downtimes and get back to gaming quickly.

Riot Games Server Status
Riot Games Server Status

1. Check Riot Games' Server Status Page

The most reliable way to check the LoL server status is to visit Riot's official server status page at This page provides real-time uptime information and notifications for LoL and all other Riot games. If there is any ongoing maintenance or detected issue with LoL servers, you will see a notification here. The page shows the server status for each region which helps identify if the problems are localized or affecting all regions.

2. Use Third-Party Sites Like Downdetector is a popular third-party service that provides real-time status of various apps, websites, and games. You can search for "League of Legends" on Downdetector and check if there is a spike in user reports about the game being down. The graph shows you at a glance if users are complaining about login, server connection, or lag issues. The site also displays the geographic spread of complaints pinpointing faulty servers.

downdetector website

3. Check LoL Forums and Subreddits

LoL has very active community forums and subreddits like r/leagueoflegends. During major connection issues or game downtimes, you will notice multiple threads from users complaining about the problems or seeking help. Posts on Reddit about login queues, server status, and lag will tell you if the issues are widespread. Community sites are a good real-time indicator to check server health.

4. Ask Your Friends

Another quick way is to check within your own social circle and teammates if others are also unable to log in or connect to LoL. Ask your friends who play LoL or teammates on Discord if they are also experiencing problems. If multiple people are unable to access the game, it likely indicates larger server issues versus your personal internet connection.

5. Check Social Media

While Riot does not have a separate Twitter account just for server status anymore, checking tweets from the official @LeagueOfLegends and developer @RiotGames handles can provide updates on any identified issues and maintenance. They will often tweet about connection problems, lag or disruptions if they expect it to impact significant users.


There you have it, the top techniques to monitor League of Legends server status and identify wider downtimes or lag issues. Knowing LoL's server health allows you to avoid wasted troubleshooting your local connection when issues are on Riot's end. You can also better plan gaming around expected downtime. The next time LoL goes down for you, quickly run through these status checks to see if Riot's servers are at fault.

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