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Top 7 League of Legends YouTubers - (2024)

In 2024, LoL will continue to be a dominant force in gaming and streaming culture. Though the roster of the best LoL YouTubers has changed over the years as new creators emerge, some familiar faces remain at the top while up-and-comers make their mark.

This article will count down the top 7 LoL YouTubers creating content in 2024. From educational channels helping you improve your ranked play to entertaining personalities keeping you laughing with meme-filled videos, these are the LoL content creators you need to follow to stay on top of the best videos in the community.

RossBoomSocks YouTube
RossBoomSocks YouTube Channel

7. RossBoomSocks

Kicking off our list at number 10 is RossBoomSocks, the Boom Master of League himself. Ross is best known for his wildly entertaining gameplay commentary videos that showcase off-meta builds and champions. If you're looking for a good laugh while also picking up unconventional LoL strategies you won't find anywhere else, RossBoomSocks is your guy. His sense of humor combined with the insane plays he manages to pull off make for LoL content that is as fun as it is informative.

Though Ross uploads a variety of gaming content, his most viewed videos feature him trying troll builds like full AP Garen mid or attack speed Thresh top. The Boom Master shows that League can be fun and not just about climbing ranked with the meta. If you want some laughter along with your LoL gameplay, check out RossBoomSocks for a good time.

PekinWoof YouTube
PekinWoof YouTube Channel

6. PekinWoof

Coming in at number 9 is Pekinwoof, the professorial mid-laner known for his informative gameplay commentaries. If you want to learn how to dominate the mid-lane with picks like Orianna, Syndra, and Anivia, Pekin has the educational content for you.

He analyzes every matchup in extensive detail, explaining optimal trading patterns, warding spots, and team fighting tactics. You’ll gain elo just by absorbing his expert knowledge. His secondary channel, Pekinwoof 2, shows off his mechanical outplays in stomp games - perfect when you just want to be entertained by amazing plays. For mid-lane mastery, subscribe to Pekinwoof.

Rav YouTube
Rav YouTube Channel

5. Rav

If memes are your thing, then next, we have Rav delivering the most hilarious LoL content on YouTube. This meme master is constantly pumping out funny moments and well-edited parodies that capture the essence of being a League of Legends player. From perfectly timed effects and zooms to captions and soundbites roasting everything in the game, Rav’s videos hit the perfect balance of being insanely clever and laugh-out-loud funny.

Whether it’s videos satirizing OP champions, bad teammates, or frustrating ranked losses, Rav understands the LoL community’s pain points and turns them into comedic gold. For top-tier memes and some much-needed comic relief from the saltiness of solo queue, Rav never fails to entertain.

Coach Curtis YouTube
Coach Curtis YouTube Channel

4. Coach Curtis

Moving on, we have Coach Curtis, the professional League coach dedicated to mid-lane improvement. If you truly want to master mid fundamentals from wave management to roaming and more, Coach Curtis offers top-notch educational content. He analyzes high elo VODs and pro play to highlight optimal trading stance, positioning, and macro decisions.

Curtis then clearly explains the concepts and gives drills so you can implement them in your own gameplay. His structured, step-by-step approach helps develop well-rounded mid-skills rooted in fundamentals instead of tricks. With his deep game knowledge and stellar communication abilities, Coach Curtis stands as a premier LoL educator. His mid-lane expertise will have you climbing the ranks in no time.

BizzleBerry YouTube
BizzleBerry YouTube Channel

3. Bizzleberry

The master of support himself, Bizzleberry storms onto our list at number 6. This LoL icon has been creating educational support content for years, helping bot lanes worldwide get better at their role. What makes Bizzleberry stand out is his infectious positivity and lighthearted approach - he's both incredibly skilled and entertaining to watch.

For any support main looking to climb with unconventional picks and improve through positivity, Bizzleberry is the YouTuber for you. His contributions make him one of League's most beloved content creators.

Doublelift YouTube
Doublelift YouTube Channel

2. Doublelift

At #2 place - Doublelift, widely regarded as one of the best AD carry players in League of Legends history. With years of competitive experience under his belt, including multiple LCS championships and Worlds appearances, Doublelift has showcased his elite-level mechanics on champs like Vayne, Lucian, and Ezreal.

Now retired from the pro scene, Doublelift has transferred his unmatched knowledge to YouTube, creating educational content to help others improve. From laning fundamentals to team fighting tactics, he provides invaluable insights into high-elo strategy and gameplay.

Doublelift also analyzes amateur VODs, reacts to esports highlights, and gives inside looks into life as a pro. There's no better YouTuber for gaining game knowledge from one of the greatest LoL players of all time. Doublelift offers unparalleled access to a pro's perspective, cementing his place as the most influential League of Legends YouTuber today.

Tyler1 YouTube
Tyler1 YouTube Channel

1. Tyler1

Sitting at the top spot is none other than Tyler1, League's most iconic and entertaining personality. After getting indefinitely banned and starting his streaming career from scratch, Tyler1's redemption arc culminated in Riot unbanning his accounts - proof of his reformed behavior and status as a true content creator.

His over-the-top personality combined with his undeniable skill at Draven and other champs make for YouTube gold. From raging at inters to carrying 1v9, Tyler1's highlight-reel outplays and unfiltered reactions capture LoL gaming culture at its best. But he also provides helpful advice about climbing and succeeding in ranked.

For these reasons and more, Tyler1 has become the face of League content creation. No YouTuber promotes LoL gameplay and culture better than Tyler1. His elite skills, Unmatched entertainment value, and redemption story secure him the #1 position on this list. Tyler1 embodies everything fans love about League - skill expression, memes, unfiltered reactions, and more.


And there you have it - our picks for the top 7 best League of Legends YouTubers you need to be watching in 2024. These YouTubers represent the very best in terms of high-level gameplay, informative coaching, and community entertainment value. By subscribing to their channels, you’ll stay up-to-date on the latest meta picks, pro plays, funny moments, and more - everything that makes League such a vibrant and engaging game.

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