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Top 6 Cheapest Skins in League of Legends

With over 150 champions in League of Legends, acquiring skins for all your favorite characters can quickly become expensive. While legendary and ultimate skins can cost over $10, there are plenty of affordable skin options for frugal summoners on a budget.

In this article, We will highlight the 6 cheapest skin options currently available in League of Legends. With prices starting as low as 390 RP, you're sure to find a cheap skin to unlock and proudly display in your next match. Let's get started with the list of cheapest lol skins!

Assassin Master Yi  YI LoL Skin


The Assassin Master Yi's skin deeply transforms Master Yi's appearance with an all-black color scheme befitting a stealthy killer. Though it lacks new animations or sounds, this 390 RP skin features major model changes to Master Yi himself, giving him a mask and armor reminiscent of a ninja assassin.

His gigantic two-handed sword also receives an upgraded model, appearing jagged and dangerous. When Master Yi auto-attacks, new darker particles are displayed, showing the power of the disciplined assassin.

Assassin Master Yi was first released on December 17, 2009, this classic skin is still available for purchase in the League of Legends store for those looking to try out Master Yi's lethal assassin side. Though simple compared to modern skins, Assassin Master Yi delivers an affordable option for players to experience Master Yi as a shadowy bringer of death.

Golden Alistar LoL Skin


A true classic, Golden Alistar transforms the Minotaur into a glimmering golden beast for just 390 RP. Though simple, this common skin envelops Alistar in lustrous golden fur, living up to its brilliant name. Initially released way back in January 2010, Golden Alistar is one of the most affordable and iconic early skins in League of Legends.

Beyond the new golden coat, the abilities remain unchanged - no new particles or sound effects. But the alluring shimmering model update alone modernizes Alistar's appearance while referencing myths like the Biblical Golden Calf.

Draven Draven LoL Skin


Love him or hate him, Draven Draven turns the Glorious Executioner into a wacky bobblehead version of himself.

Released on March 31st, 2016 for just 520 RP, this skin is 100% pure Draven. It keeps his classic outfit and abilities unchanged - no new particles or animations.

Draven Draven really leans into the egoistic attitude Draven players are known for. The absurd gigantic head captures his bold personality.

Some find it absolutely hilarious and brilliant. Others can't stand the ridiculous bobbling portrait.

But no matter your reaction, Draven Draven certainly makes a statement. For fans who can't get enough Draven, it's a no-brainer. Grab this silly skin and watch Draven's big head bounce its way to Pentakill!

Viridian Kayle LoL Skin


Transform Kayle into a mystical forest warrior with the affordable Viridian Kayle skin. Released on May 31, 2010, for just 520 RP, Viridian Kayle swaps Kayle's angelic golds for woodland greens.

Unlike Kayle's other pricier skins, Viridian Kayle delivers a complete model update that makes Kayle look like a different champion. The vivid green and brown colors evoke images of a powerful elven ranger, perfect for RPG fans.

Giant Enemy Crabgot LoL Skin


Giant Enemy Crabgot playfully transforms the Dreadnought into a massive rampaging crustacean. Originally released on August 23, 2010, for 520 RP, this skin gained new life after Urgot's rework.

For Urgot mains looking for a more lighthearted skin that delivers a huge visual change, Giant Enemy Crabgot is an affordable way to experience Urgot in a whole new crabby form. Terrorize enemies and get your pincers on this standout reimagined skin.

Shadow Evelynn LoL Skin


Of all the bargain League of Legends skins, Shadow Evelynn stands out as the most stylish and detailed option for just 520 RP. Released in 2009, this skin reimagines Evelynn as a seductive vampire ready to prey on her next victim.

Shadow Evelynn features a stunning new model turning Evelynn's demonic form into a haunting mix of alluring blues and mysterious blacks. The color scheme perfectly highlights her dark beauty as an undead temptress.

On top of the new vampire visuals, Shadow Evelynn has entranced new ability particles and animations that embrace the horror theme. Custom sound effects like Evelynn's demonic laugh add chilling flair.

With most cheap skins lacking these types of VFX and SFX changes, Shadow Evelynn goes above and beyond. The dev team poured passion into fully realizing the vampire fantasy.


Thanks for reading our list of cheap lol skins in League of Legends. We hope this gave you some affordable ideas to consider for your next unlock! Have fun in your League of Legends games!

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