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Camera Lock LoL: How To Unlock and Lock Camera in League

Annie League of Legends

When you first start playing League of Legends, the camera is locked by default. This means that your champion will always be centered on your screen.

Controlling the camera is essential while playing League of Legends. Having a good grasp of camera control allows you to effectively track objectives, scout the map, and position your champion in team fights. Many new players play with a permanently locked camera at first. While this may feel more comfortable initially, playing with an unlocked camera provides significant advantages. In this article, you'll learn how to unlock and lock your camera in League of Legends, the benefits of playing with an unlocked camera, and why you may still want to lock your camera temporarily in certain situations. Now it is time for you to learn everything about LoL Camera Lock.

How To Unlock Camera in League of Legends?

Unlocking your camera is simple. Just press the Y key on your keyboard and your camera will become unlocked. If pressing Y doesn't work, you may need to check your Camera Control keybinds. Go to Settings > Hotkeys > Camera Control and find the "Toggle Camera Lock" keybind. Here you can see what key is set to unlock your camera or assign a different preferred key.

It may feel awkward or dizzying at first, but try to move your camera manually and often while in lane and team fights. As you get used to unlocked camera mode, you can gradually increase the camera move speed slider to faster settings. Many veteran players use very quick camera speeds to efficiently pan across the map. It just takes some practice adjusting from the permanently locked camera you start with.

How To Lock Camera in League of Legends?

While playing with an unlocked camera is ideal most of the time, there are still situations where temporarily locking your camera can be helpful. Here's how to quickly lock and unlock as needed:

If using unlocked camera mode, you can hold the spacebar at any time to quickly center and lock the camera on your champion. Releasing the spacebar unlocks the camera again. This allows you to quickly check your champion's status or keep them centered in a crowded team fight.

You can also tap the Y key to toggle between a locked and unlocked camera. So if you want to lock for an extended period, tap Y once to lock and tap it again later to unlock.

So in summary:

  • Hold spacebar: Quickly and temporarily lock camera in LoL

  • Tap Y: Toggle lock and unlock camera in LoL

Again, we and most League of Legends YouTubers don't recommend locking your camera in League of Legends - Most players learn to play with an unlocked camera the majority of the time but still leverage locks periodically.

Why You Should Unlock Camera in LoL?

Playing League of Legends with an unlocked camera provides many tangible benefits:

Better Map Awareness: With camera lock, you can only see what is directly around your champion. Unlocking your view lets you pan to check other lanes, scout the jungle and river, spot incoming ganks sooner, and track the enemy team's position.

Improved Teamfighting: Teamfights evolve quickly, often spreading out over an entire area. An unlocked camera lets you see all the action, allowing you to position properly and select the best targets.

Increased Map Mobility: Champions with global ultimates like Shen, Twisted Fate, or Tahm Kench rely heavily on map visibility. Even utilizing Teleport is easier when you can quickly click any structure to set your destination.

As you can see, playing with an unlocked camera expands your field of view dramatically. It opens up deeper macro and micro tactical capabilities. While it may be unfamiliar at first, it's worth investing the time to learn.

Disadvantages of Locked Camera in LoL

Conversely, having your camera permanently locked comes with inherent disadvantages:

Limited Vision: You can only see what is immediately nearby, severely reducing map visibility and crippling map awareness. You'll often be caught by surprise.

Impaired Skillshot Accuracy: With locked camera, your shots will frequently be obstructed or out of range. Landing clutch bubbles, hooks, or spears becomes very difficult.

Poorer Teamfighting: In messy multi-champion fights, you'll end up losing track of enemies once they move out of your narrow field of view. This impacts positioning and targeting.

Overall, while a locked camera may feel comfortable at first, it truly hinders your gameplay. You end up developing bad habits since you cannot see enemies leaving your vision or approaching from a distance. Basic fundamentals like landing skill shots, positioning, and map awareness suffer as well compared to playing with an unlocked camera.


There you have it, all you needed to know about locking and unlocking camera in League of Legends. Use camera locks as needed, but try to play unlocked as often as possible to elevate your play. Mastering camera control goes a long way toward mastering League of Legends itself. There are always new skills to hone, but unlocking your full view is one of the most vital to work on early. Choose whatever you're comfortable with and enjoy your games!

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