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How To Get Unbanned in League of Legends?

Taliyah League of Legends

Getting banned in League of Legends can be frustrating, especially if you feel it was unjust or too harsh.

In this article, we'll cover what a ban in LoL is, the different types of bans, how long they last, what happens when you get reported, the differences between a suspended and banned account, and most importantly, how to appeal a ban and get your account unbanned. Keep reading to learn how to navigate League of Legends' disciplinary system.

Types of Bans in League of Legends

A ban in League of Legends is an action taken against a player's account for violating the game's rules, terms of service, or Code of Conduct. Bans usually result from players' behaviors such as unacceptable conduct like hate speech, intentional feeding, and leaving games intentionally.

There are several types of bans in LoL:

  • Chat restrictions - Limits how much you can type in the game

  • Temporary bans - Banned for a set number of days/weeks

  • Permanent bans - Complete ban and loss of account

Bans can range from just a few days for minor offenses up to a lifetime ban for repeated or severe incidents. They aim to maintain a positive in-game environment by penalizing toxic players.

How Long Does League of Legends Bans Last?

Bans and Restriction durations depend on factors like the offense committed, ban history, etc. but generally:

  • Chat restrictions last anywhere from 5 to 1000+ games

  • 14-day bans

  • Perma bans are indefinite until/unless appealed

First-time penalties tend to be lighter while repeat offenses lead to longer or permanent bans.

The timing also resets if you get banned again after returning from a previous ban. So ban lengths escalate if issues persist.

Ban Appeal in League of Legends

Getting your League of Legends account unbanned often feels hopeless, but going through the proper appeal channels does provide a real chance at overturning or reducing harsh restrictions and bans. In this section, we’ll explore exactly how to submit an appeal to Riot Support in order to redeem access to your LoL account.

The process involves:

  1. Visiting the Riot Support Page - Go to League of Legends Support Page, and sign in to your account

  2. Submitting a Ban/Suspension Ticket - Click “Submit a Ticket” and choose "Discuss a Personal Suspension, Ban or Restriction"

  3. Explaining Your Perspective - Fill in the background, explain your side transparently, take responsibility, and request leniency

  4. Providing Evidence - Upload relevant chat logs, match histories, screenshots, etc. if available

  5. Following Up Respectfully - Patiently await a response and politely clarify or add any missing details

When submitting your appeal, be sure to represent events accurately, own up to any poor behavior, and demonstrate meaningful reforms and contrition. Explain why you deserve a second chance without blaming others. Providing context around the ban can also elicit some empathy.

To help you with the appeal, we have created a checklist for you to follow when writing the message

  1. Use polite and formal language. Saying "please" and "thank you" goes a long way.

  2. Do not demand or entitled language. Remain humble and appreciative of their time.

  3. Take full ownership of the actions that led to your ban. Do not blame teammates or others.

  4. Explain additional context/circumstances not shown in logs, if applicable. This provides added perspective.

  5. Cite specific learnings and personal growth that have resulted from this ban.

  6. Provide assurances to change

  7. Double-check spelling and grammar before submitting your ticket. Sloppiness reflects poorly.

  8. Be truthful and consistent. Lying will almost certainly guarantee the denial of your appeal.

While lifting permabans is uncommon, thoughtful appeals emphasizing positive growth or unfair treatment do sometimes pay off with shortened restrictions. Stay calm and make your case reasonably for the best results.

Veigar League of Legends
Veigar (credits to Riot Games)

What is the Difference Between Suspended and Banned in League of Legends?

The major differences between a suspended and banned League of Legends account include:

Suspended Accounts:

  • Temporary disabled state

  • Retain progress/rank/purchases

  • Can appeal to shorten the duration

Banned Accounts:

  • Completely disabled

  • Lose access but keep purchases

  • Permanent in some cases

  • Much harder to appeal decisions

So in short - suspensions are shorter and more flexible while bans make you start fresh. Both penalize you for violations but bans are reserved for serious or repeat offenses.

What Happens If Your Appeal Is Denied?

Unfortunately, if your appeal to lift or reduce your League of Legends ban is definitively denied by Riot Support, there are no further actions you can take on that specific account. Once all appeal options have been exhausted on a permabanned account, the only remaining option is to create a brand-new account and start fresh.

It can be incredibly disappointing to permanently lose years of history and unlocked content. But continuing disruptive behavior risks even your new account facing similar restrictions.


Getting banned or suspended in a competitive online game like League of Legends can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you feel targeted or treated unfairly by the disciplinary system.

However difficult the situation may seem though, there are appeal processes available to potentially have your account reinstated and continue enjoying the game we all know and love.

With this guide, you now know exactly what a League of Legends ban means, how to appeal it, and tips to reform moving forward without jeopardizing your account status further. Stay cool out there on the Rift!

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